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     I have making all type of vedios like entertainment, blogging, unboxing, review, cultural vedio,news,electrical related,machnical , how to lift the waters one place to another,travling a historic places,God and goddess, famous place etc. .

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This is my another video in this video I will show you the play song singing by the local सिंगर
पहाड़ी गान
Click below here and enjoy it
Himachal Pradesh Ka super hit song

In this video I will show you the Pahari cultural activity program organised by  shri mul Dev Shankar kot Balindi Hp
There is the cultural activity program held on dated 30th ocOctob 2018.
Cultural song
Click here below and enjoy the song

Cultural activity program song

Strange cricket ground
Click for watching the match

Cricket trophy final

2 Women rasakasi match

इस वीडियो में मैं  आपको बताने  जा रहा हूं लक्ष्मी और काहन चंद  Memorial chamo में महीलाओं का रस्साकसी मैच ग्राम पंचायत बलिंण्डी की टीम विजेता रही।

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In this vedio I will show how to play the rassa kasi pratiyogita at villagers and win this series gram panchayat Balindi mahila mandal this series. You can see the vedio related. here.

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